Head of WTA 'disappointed' by Serena's Court 2 exile

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The head of the women's tour has expressed her "disappointment" over the scheduling at Wimbledon that saw Serena Williams, the defending champion, exiled to Court 2 for her second round match on Thursday.

Yesterday Caroline Wozniacki, the women's No 1 and top seed, also progressed from Court 2, not a venue her male counterpart, Rafael Nadal, is likely to become acquainted with. Wozniacki expressed veiled disappointment, but Stacey Allaster was more direct.

"Serena is a four-time Wimbledon singles champion, the defending champion, and a 13-time Grand Slam singles champion. I share her disappointment," said the Canadian, who has run the WTA for the last two years.

In the wake of victory over Simona Halep, Serena voiced her irritation: "They like to put us on Court 2, me and Venus, for whatever reason. I haven't figured it out yet. Maybe one day we'll figure it out. They [Nadal and Djokovic] are never moved across. Venus and I have won more Wimbledons together than a lot of the players or by ourselves in doubles even."

Wozniacki said: "If Serena can play on Court Two, then I guess I can too." Venus refused to comment.

Wimbledon stuck to their stance of Thursday night, when a spokesperson said: "There is certainly no intention to favour any player or players." The Club stress they seek to achieve a "fair and balanced draw".

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