Let Andy focus on singles life


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Now that the British media (and public) can no longer harangue Andy Murray for failing to win a Grand Slam title after his glorious triumph at the US Open on Monday evening, it would seem that some quarters have decided to channel their sporting sneering into giving him grief over his love life instead.

The final question to be asked in Murray's post-victory press conference was about when he planned to wed long-term girlfriend Kim Sears, to which he merely replied: "I don't have any plans for it just now."

Which, predictably led to headlines like "Andy Marry" on the front page of the Daily Mirror yesterday, while the Daily Mail, in the type of speculation usually reserved for sad, sad unmarried Hollywood actresses in their thirties, ran the headline "Will Wimbledon be followed by wedding bells?" Being just 25 years old, such avid scrutiny of Murray is surely a touch premature. And, as the first British male to win a Grand Slam singles final in 76 years, can't we all just pat him on the back and leave it at that? Or at least nag him about winning Wimbledon instead.