Nick Bollettieri: Two young Brits on the up and a Dane out for greatness

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Sharapova v Robson

You could not get two more contrasting players than the two young Brits Laura Robson and Heather Watson, but I've seen enough this week to justify some of the optimism that floats around these girls.

They are both fighters and that's a damn good starting point. That apart, we're talking different ends of the tennis spectrum here. Watson's quick, covers the ground in a flash, whereas Robson's bigger, with the big shots to go with her physique.

Robson's a leftie, too, which does help. She does not move as well as Watson but she seems to be coming into her own now. It's not easy when you are that age and have gone through a couple of years of growing. I like her serve and, in the early stages yesterday, it looked as if its power surprised Maria Sharapova.

But it takes a lot for a player at Robson's stage of her career to overcome someone as good as Sharapova. Remember, when Sharapova was 17 she was winning Wimbledon. There are similarities between the two – both are bigger and hit the ball hard, and also don't move as well as the smaller guys.

Robson can take plenty from this tournament, especially in that first set yesterday. She's definitely on the move. That's two young players in the women's game to give you guys some welcome encouragement.

Wozniacki v Razzano

So, we're nearly a week in and I don't think I've mentioned Caroline Wozniacki. Hey, you can't talk about every Igor, Andy and Jurgen, but it kind of says a bit about her that she can slip under the radar sometimes. I bet she's desperate to win here – win any Grand Slam, in fact – as, until she does, there will always be those who question her right to be world No 1. Don't knock her – she has won the points to be up there by right and she has a chance here. Two games in, she has yet to be stretched and is looking pretty smooth.

Her serving is sharp and accurate, averaging over 80 per cent of first serves in. And she had no problem breaking Virginie Razzano either, first receiving game and – badda-bing! She ran away with it. The challenge will get bigger and I suspect she might need to find some bigger weapons to deal with it. We shall see.