Pimm's hits back after Judy Murray trolls drink on Twitter

The mother of Wimbledon quarter-finalist Andy Murray was unhappy with the amount of 'foliage'

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Pimm's has offered advice on how to best serve the beverage after Judy Murray complained about "foliage overdose" in her drink during Wimbledon.

The mother of quarter-finalist Andy Murray was unimpressed with her glass of the Championships' iconic beverage due to the excessive amounts of mint used by the bartenders at the All England Club.

"I love to Pimm. But seriously, what’s with the foliage overdose? #pointless", Judy posted on Twitter alongside a snap of her minty Pimm’s.

In response, Pimm's have explained exactly how much mint should be used for the 'perfect serve', suggesting that "three British-grown mint leaves to each glass" and warning "bartenders to proceed with caution when using the herb".

Judy Murray


With around 450,000 glasses of Pimm’s being drunk over the Wimbledon fortnight, getting it right is a refreshing move.

Geoff, a British mint grower in Norfolk, said: “The essential oils in mint work to keep us cool in the Wimbledon heat, giving the herb a reputation for refreshment and making it a perfect ingredient for British favourite summer cocktails while watching the tennis.

“It is vital, however, that bars use British-grown mint this time of year and never cut further than half way down the stem to avoid sour minty tones.”

A spokesperson for Pimm’s commented: “It’s of upmost importance to us that Judy Murray is drinking her Pimm’s happily (and responsibly) as we cheer her son to victory!”