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It wasn't going to last forever. I lost to a really really good player today

Pete Sampras being as gracious in defeat as he has been in victory

I fought from the first to the last point. It is a great feeling I have never had before. He was one of my former idols

Roger Federer celebrates his victory over Sampras

I'm going to turn off the TV, I'm going to turn off the tennis

Greg Rusedski prepares to come to terms with his exit from Wimbledon

I have taken Mats Wilander on as a coach, which is not cheap but it's worth it. I don't care how much he costs

Marat Safin pays homage – as well as a hefty fee – to his coach

It's the last one, that's it. I think I have a chance. And if I don't, I don't. It's OK. There's no pressure on me

France's Nathalie Tauziat making the most of her last hurrah

I think it was someone impostering me

Serena Williams on her loss of form at the French Open

I've already bought the dress for the ball but I'm not thinking about that ball yet – only tennis balls

Venus Williams plans another ball at Wimbledon

Stats of the day

31 The matches Sampras had won on the trot at Wimbledon before yesterday

0 The five-setters Sampras had lost at Wimbledon before yesterday

68 The matches Sampras has played at Wimbledon

6 The matches Federer has played at Wimbledon

56 The matches Sampras has won at Wimbledon

4 The matches Federer has won at Wimbledon

9 The age of Federer when Sampras won his first of seven Wimbledon titles