Rafael Nadal backed to win more Grand Slam titles than Roger Federer

Readers of The Independent expect Spaniard to surpass 'the greatest player of all time'

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Roger Federer is almost unanimously regarded as the greatest player of all time. With more Grand Slam titles than anyone else and a style that has mesmerised tennis fans for years, it's little surprise.

Yet before long, the mantel of 'greatest ever' may have to be passed to Rafael Nadal.

Following the Spaniard's victory at the US Open earlier this week, we asked readers who they thought would end their career with more Grand Slam titles - Federer, who currently has 17, or Nadal, who has 13.

Readers overwhelmingly backed Nadal to win more - with 64 per cent plucking for the reining French Open champion.

That left Federer, who has been drifting from the upper echelons of the game, with 36 per cent of the vote.

How the vote was split...