Roger Federer shows off his questionable football skills in Brazil

Tennis star takes part in kick-about in Sao Paulo

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They say you should never meet your heroes. When it comes to tennis, never watch them play football.

Roger Federer, probably the greatest tennis player in history, is currently in South America during which he met Brazil legend Pele. He also donned the famous yellow jersey and in front of a packed Sao Paulo crowd, was handed an oversized tennis ball to play with.

Now, with a racket in his hand Federer is practically untouchable. He's won 17 Grand Slams and spent longer as world number one than any player in history. But with a football at his feet the Swiss master exposed a more vulnerable side - proving that he is indeed human and has certainly not been taking any tips from friend Thierry Henry.

After bowling onto the court with great enthusiasm, Federer attempted to chip the ball across the divide, only to pass itl straight into the net. Looking unstable and out of control, the 31-year-old then tried to beat his opponent Tommy Haas with a clipped ball down the line. It went well out.

After just a minute of playing, Federer did something that's never been seen before, he threw the towel in.

With trusty racket back in hand, Federer then set about demolishing Haas.

Watch Federer's football skills below...