Sponsor supports beleaguered British No 2

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Greg Rusedski's clothing and equipment sponsor, Donnay, said yesterday that they will stand by him as he tries to clear his name after failing a drugs test. The British No 2 claims he was singled out by the ATP, and Donnay were confident that he will be cleared.

A spokesman for Donnay said: "Greg is an outstanding tennis player and the last person who would contemplate taking any type of performanceenhancing drug. He has our complete support and in particular for the resolute stand he is taking against the results of these drug tests. We look forward to him being cleared next month.

"Donnay notes that the sport's governing authorities decided not to take any action against 46 of the world's top 120 players whose samples taken last summer demonstrated elevated levels of nandrolone because the remarkably high percentage of positive results could not be logically and reliably explained.

"The company is astonished and dismayed that when Greg was found to have failed the same test and in the same circumstances he appears to have been singled out for prosecution."