Sports scientists agree that eight weeks off is not enough

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The schedule endured by top tennis players is "gruelling" and the off-season not long enough for them to fully recover, according to an expert in sports science.

Clyde Williams, emeritus professor of sports science at Loughborough University, believes there is not enough recovery time built into the tennis calendar.

"Tennis players certainly have a gruelling schedule," Williams said. "Having eight weeks to recover in the off-season is nowhere near enough time, especially if you take into consideration player injuries. Recovery time is very important for the modern sportsman and the schedule should certainly be organised with recovery in mind."

Dr Julie Price, director of sports studies at the University of Southampton, also appeared to agree with Andy Murray, who is keen to see the calendar made less onerous. "It's not only the amount of rest in between tournaments we need to consider. There's jetlag, the age and fitness of a player," Price said. "All these aspects need to be looked at when considering how much rest a player needs."