SW19 Diary: Robson disappointed to miss goldenballs

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The fallout from David Beckham's non-selection for the Olympics reverberated through SW19. What, Laura Robson was asked, did she think of Goldenballs being left out? At first Robson, who will be part of Team GB, looked baffled – which was fair enough given she's an 18-year-old tennis player. But then she jumped in. "I'm disappointed," she said, with a grin. "he's not going to be joining us in the Olympic Village. I won't be able to stalk him."

Robin rescue has risks attached

A baby robin and its mother were rescued from a Court One flower box yesterday and relocated to the adjacent golf course. How much safer that will prove remains to be seen.

Sharapova switches left

Maria Sharapova was also puzzled by a left-field question when asked if she knew much about cricket after Stuart Broad twittered his admiration for her. But she has a link with another cricketer. Like Kevin Pietersen, she can play either handed. "I'm actually naturally left-handed," she said when asked why she played a shot against Tsvetana Pironkova with her "wrong" hand.

Pippa brings up rear in Royal Box

Among the guests in the Royal Box yesterday were Felicity Kendall and Pippa Middleton. Running down a list of winners of Rear of the Year reveals Kendall took the honour in 1981 but Middleton, for all the hoo-ha around her, has yet to register. Kendall 1 Middleton 0.

Inquiry over missing armbands

Very little at Wimbledon does not go according to meticulous plan but there is a crisis looming in the ordered world of the Honorary Stewards. With their blazers and panama hats, they don't always stand out, which is why they all sport armbands. Except there has been what's termed an "unusual spate" of lost armbands – the diary doesn't like to cast aspersions but the thought occurs, anyone checked eBay? In the meantime, it has been suggested to stewards that a carefully placed safety pin would solve the problem.