SW19 Diary: Tommy sure plays a mean spin ball

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Andy Murray faces a Spaniard called Tommy, one of several improbable first names in the Wimbledon draw. There's a Belgian called Steve (Darcis), a German named Dustin (Brown), and a Taiwanese called Jimmy (Wang). Brown's father is Jamaican; Wang's real name is Wang Yeu-tzuoo, but he's been known as Jimmy since age nine. As for Tommy Robredo's monicker, it was chosen in homage to The Who's rock opera – his father was a big fan. Robredo even bought a DVD to learn more.

Yes, McEnroe can be serious

Aside from Sue Barker calling the Duchess of Cornwall, Cambridge, when she turned up to grab a free seat at the tennis, there was fawning on a grand scale from the BBC. Even John McEnroe, once such a scourge of authority, was respectful, though one hoped deep down he was harbouring some deeply republican thoughts.

Solved: Mystery of missing No 4 Court

There were no matches on No 4 Court today and Wednesday, not that this deterred people from waiting there for players to appear, perhaps fooled by the ready bottles of barley water. No 13 Court disappeared a few years ago in a nod to superstitious players. Four is also regarded as unlucky in many Asian countries, so is it being phased out as well? No. It has lain fallow for two days as part of the plan to rotate courts to protect the grass.

Li Na's coach had better watch out

Li Na, on being told her coach, Carlos Rodriguez, had described her as "a very nice person" who "is sometimes really bad" to herself, replied with a smile: "Now I change. I will be killing him first."

Weather watch

Rain likely throughout the day, becoming lighter toward evening. Maximum temp 19C.