The McEnroe Verdict: All to play for...


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On Andy Murray

"If you watch the best guys carefully, they add more to the game. They can do it all. That's why I believe Murray hired Ivan Lendl.

He realised he was missing something. A guy who has hands as good as he has, has got to use them. He's got to be willing to come in on the big moments and he's got to be able to hit a good volley. He could do that. He's got to step into a forehand, be more aggressive, hurt people off his forehand."

On Roger Federer

"He seems to love playing more than almost anyone I've ever seen play at that level. From what I understand, he has talked about trying to break Jimmy Connors' record of 109 tournament wins. I believe he's on 74. The fact that he's even discussing that shows how much he loves playing and how much longer he wants to be playing. But I think you're going to see that inevitable sort of decline, just like you see with almost every player."

On racket technology

"In my day, if you really knew how to play tennis you'd beat most of the athletes, the guys who are out there who are just athletic. Now, because of the technology and the rackets, the athletes at the moment have bypassed the tennis players, who are natural players but not quite as good athletes."

On a player who might break through at Wimbledon

"If I had to pick one guy right now I'd be going with Milos Raonic. He's the guy who's the heavyweight. He's got some major firepower."

On line judges

"In truth we don't need linesmen. We've got this [video replay] challenge system and there's never really anything going on between the players."

John McEnroe commentates for BBC TV at Wimbledon and hosts the tennis phone-in '6 love 6' on Radio 5 live. Live BBC coverage starts tomorrow morning across TV, radio and online.