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The order of play at Wimbledon, Thursday 3 July:

The order of play at Wimbledon, Thursday 3 July:

Centre Court 12.00 noon


S GROSJEAN (Fr) leads T HENMAN (GB) 7-6 3-6 6-3 1-2 to finish


Court One 12.00 noon

J Bjorkman (Swe) v A RODDICK (US)

A Popp (Ger) is level with M Philippoussis (Aus) 6-4 6-4 3-6 3-6 2-2 to finish

Court Two 12.00 noon


N Tauziat (Fr) and Y Vermaak (SA) v L Neiland (Rus) and W Turnbull (Aus)

J BJORKMAN (Swe) and T WOODBRIDGE (Aus) v J Erlich and A Ram (Isr)

R Casals (US) and H Mandlikova (Aus) v J Durie (GB) and G Magers (US)

Court Three 12.00 noon

P HANLEY and A MOLIK (Aus) v L FRIEDL (Cz Rep) and L HUBER (US)

E DEMENTIEVA and L KRASNOROUTSKAYA (Rus) v M Vento-Kabchi (Ven) and A Widjaja (Indo)

K Curren and J Kriek (US) v M BAHRAMI (Iri) and G MAYER (US)

P B MCNAMARA (US) and P F MCNAMEE (Aus) v A Amritraj and V Amritraj (Ind)

Court Four 12.00 noon

P Galbraith and S Melville (US) v D Rostagno and L Shiras (US)

S Casal and E Sanchez (Sp) v K Flach and R Seguso (US)

S Dev Varman (Ind) and K Rastogi (Ind) v A Murray and T Rushby (GB)

Court Five 12.00 noon

J B Fitzgerald (Aus) and M Kratzmann (Aus) v J Grabb (US) and J Hlasek (Swit)

M Jausovec (Sloven) and H Sukova (Cz Rep) v C C Bassett-Seguso and A Smith (US)

N Broad and P Hand (GB) v T J Middleton (US) and S Zivojinovic (Yug)

Court Six 12.00 noon

R Smeets (Aus) v P Steinberger (Ger)

K BONDARENKO (Ukr) and A TSUTSKOVA (Ukr) v M Andersson (Swe) and S Ferguson (Aus)

H Tecau (Rom) v R Smeets (Aus) or P Steinberger (Ger)

Court Seven 12.00 noon

M Zverev (Ger) v L Flores (Mex)

T GOLOVIN (Fr) v N Vaidisova (Cz Rep)

A Kuznetsov (US) and M Zverev (Ger) v R Hutchins and G Thomas (GB)

Court Eight 12.00 noon

A Tchakvetadze (Rus) v B Ko (Can)

J GAJDOSOVA (Slovak) and A Hlavackova (Cz Rep) v A Kleybanova (Rus) and S Mirza (Ind)

A Tchakvetadze (Rus) or B Ko (Can) v M KRAJICEK (Neth)

G BALAZS (Hun) and D SELA (Isr) v P Figueroa (Swe) and L Flores (Mex)

T Bacsinszky (Swit) and M Gojnea (Rom) v K Bohmova (Cz Rep) and M Krajicek (Neth)

Court Nine 12.00 noon

M Kawatoko (Japan) v C GULLICKSON (US)

J Huta-Galung (Neth) v B BAKER (US)

A Kudryavtseva (Rus) v M Kawatoko (Japan) or C GULLICKSON (US)

T Berdych (Cz Rep) and S Stakhovsky (Ukr) v J Huta-Galung and R Tatuhey (Neth)

V Havartsova (Bela) and A Kudryavtseva (Rus) v K CZAFIKOVA (Slovak) and K Flipkens (Bel)

Court Eleven 12.00 noon


M Moulton-Levy (US) and K Zoricic (Can) v M Falcon (US) and A Gonzalez Penas (Sp)

A Baker and I Ichim (US) v J Cohen and M Mitchell (US)

C Kwon (US) and F Gil (Por) v B EVANS and S OUDSEMA (US)

Court Thirteen 13 12.00 noon

M BHUPATHI (Ind) and M MIRNYI (Bela) v M DAMM and C Suk (Cz Rep)

P Aldrich and D Visser (SA) v J Frana (Arg) and L Lavalle (Mex)

M BHUPATHI (Ind) and M MIRNYI (Bela) or M DAMM and C Suk (Cz Rep) v L PAES (Ind) and D Rikl (Cz Rep)

Fourteen 12.00 noon

A BAKER (US) v S Peer (Isr)

F GIL (Por) v B Evans (US)

C DOWDESWELL and C J MOTTRAM (GB) v B E Gottfried (US) and R Ramirez (Mex)

Court Seventeen 12.00 noon

A Ivanovic (Yug) v K Flipkens (Bel)

K O'Brien and G Stoop (GB) v E Laine (Fin) and N Pavic (Croa)

D Muller and S Rieschick (Ger) v B BAKER and P SIMMONDS (US)

Court Eighteen 12.00 noon

D Nestor and S Jeyaseelan (Can) v W BLACK and C BLACK (Zim)

M J Bates and N A Fulwood (GB) v A Jarryd (Swe) and H Leconte (Fr)

S Humphries (US) and E Bovina (Rus) v D Nestor and S Jeyaseelan (Can) or W BLACK and C BLACK (Zim)

I Kloss (SA) and K Rinaldi (US) v C Lindqvist (Swe) and R D Nideffer (SA)

Court Nineteen 12.00 noon

S RAO (US) v E Marama (NZ)

C GUCCIONE (Aus) v S Rieschick (Ger)

S Bhambri (Ind) and L Giltinan (Aus) v C DELLACQUA and A SZILI (Aus)

A Feeney and C Guccione (Aus) v L Chikhladze (Geo) and R Jarc (Sloven)



A Ram (Isr) and A Rodionova (Rus) v S Huss (Aus) and N Miyagi (Japan)

M Rodriguez (Arg) and S Reeves (US) v T A WOODBRIDGE (Aus) and S KUZNETSOVA (Rus)

M BHUPATHI (Ind) and P SUAREZ (Arg) v N Zimonjic (Yug) and I Tulyaganova (Uzbek)

L PAES (Ind) and M NAVRATILOVA (US) v P Luczak and C Wheeler (Aus)

F MERGEA (Rom) and H TECAU (Rom) v H Abid (Tun) and F Wolmarans (SA)