US Open could face boycott

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The Association of Tennis Professionals, which represents players in the men's game, may threaten to boycott the United States Open if the Grand Slam Committee continues to refuse to help fund the men's tour from profits from the world's four major championships.

After meetings in Paris last week, the Grand Slam Committee issued a statement re-confirming its individual right to determine levels of prize money and rejecting as unacceptable the players' proposal. The statement added: "Each Grand Slam, as not-for-profit organisations, also explained in more detail their 100 per cent re-investment in tennis."

Further meetings are due to take place during Wimbledon, but if the Grand Slams remain inflexible on the ATP's demands the players may press for action. The demands are increased prize money, contributions to a pension fund, medical benefits, a drug-testing programme and activity in promoting the sport.

The players could threaten to organise a tournament in opposition to the US Open at the end of August.