Wimbledon Diary: Lloyd less than happy with BBC role

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It's just not tennis! The Diary hears that there was a bit of upset at the BBC yesterday when the veteran commentator- pundit John Lloyd suggested that he might not be entirely happy with his lot, which included commentating on the mixed doubles. While his forte on the court was in this area, it's not necessarily seen as the A-list fare among those in the commentating line.

A source who saw Lloyd in a not entirely relaxed mood says (and you'll have to imagine the clipped tones of sophistication yourself): "John's unhappy at being dicked about. He was assured he's still the main man, but pissed off about the terms he's been offered." There was even a suggestion that he had said he wouldn't be working for the Beeb again after this year. A BBC spokeswoman said she'd get back to us. Lloyd was unavailable for comment. He was at the mixed doubles.

Borg keeps his thoughts and trophies alone

Bjorn Borg was asked yesterday whether he had kept any souvenirs from Wimbledon, in the way Martina Navratilova sometimes took a bit of grass. "No, I keep my souvenirs in my head," he said. "I've never taken anything. I still have all my best memories in my head and that's enough for me. If you came into my home you wouldn't believe that I was a tennis player. I keep my Wimbledon trophies but nothing else." How many Wimbledon trophies do you need for a clue?

Robson rapidly showing the signs of stardom

Laura Robson, brought to you by The Diary early last week before the rest of the world suddenly discovered her, has been learning to sign autographs. She was asked: "Did you have an idea in your head how to sign an autograph?" To which she replied: "Yeah, kind of. You just put your little signature there." She was then asked: "Some people do it really quickly?" And she said: "Yeah, I haven't mastered that quite yet." She had better hurry, as yesterday she reached the girls' singles final after beating the Slovakian Romana Tabakova in the semi-finals.

Mad on the Mound

Name: Abi Jarvis.

From: Reading.

Age: 27.

Occupation: Human resources.

Arrived on the mound: 9.30am.

Who are you here to see? Nadal and Federer.

Why? They're the best in the world.

What's the best hill you've ever sat on? This one. Because it's like being at a traditional English garden party.

Today's random question: who would you rather be locked in a hotel room with, Roger Federer or Marat Safin? Federer, because he's a lovely man and a true gent. What we'd do in there would be our business. And I'd like it to be a room at the Hotel du Vin in Brighton because it's luxurious.

If the All England Club served a pigeon that has been slaughtered at The Championships, would you eat it, if it was prepared nicely, perhaps in a lip-smacking stir fry? Yes. 'Cos I eat anything.