How can Andy Murray win Wimbledon 2015?

The Scot does not have an easy route

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It's not going to be simple, but then again, when has backing any British sportsperson or team been easy on the nerves?

This year will be even tougher and more nerve-racking than usual as Andy Murray attempts to emulate the glory of 2013 and triumph at Wimbledon.

In 2015, if all goes as expected, Murray will have to beat every other member of the almighty "big four" to have a chance of touching the men's singles trophy.

His progress through the first round, facing world number 58 Mikhail Kukushkin from Kazakhstan, should be rather straight forward, but from round 4 onwards, things will get tricky.

Do you think Murray will triumph once more and unite the nation?

Have a look at the video above, see what his route to the final could hold in store, and make your mind up on Murray's chances.