Wimbledon Diary: Wind of change turns storm force as Alicia follows sister Hurricane


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A quarter-final place in the girls’ singles was secured by Tornado Black, sister of Hurricane. Great things are forecast for both, although Michael Fish doesn’t think either will cause any trouble. The names were carefully chosen by their mother, who comes armed with a marketing degree, to attract attention (it’s working) – Black was originally Alicia but the Tornado was added when she first showed promised at tennis and mother made sure it stuck. Hurricane was always Hurricane.

Judy can’t be everywhere

Judy Murray had the perfect alibi when she was asked if she could explain Andy’s supposed outburst during his defeat by Grigor Dimitrov. “I missed the whole first set, because I was watching Jamie playing mixed doubles on Court 18, so I’ve got no idea about that,” said Judy. That got her out of one hole but it might land her in another – it’s more proof that Andy was right all along: Jamie is No 1 son.

McEnroe’s ‘Match Point’

With every year that passes John McEnroe is turning into Woody Allen playing John McEnroe. His Centre Court worryings about the state of US tennis in comparison to the Canadian success story here was straight out of Annie Hall, with Sue Barker having to play Diane Keaton.

Stepanek and stepovers

The highlight of Leander Paes and Radek Stepanek’s quarter-final win was worthy of the BBC’s keepie-uppie contest between its tennis and football pundits. Paes flicked up a loose ball, juggled it, then chipped it to Stepanek, who juggled a few more before back-heeling it off court. But their total of 11 fell some way short of the BBC’s best – Tim Henman is on 92.