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Q. Under which captain has the England cricket team enjoyed the best record?

A. The England cricket team has enjoyed the best record in Test matches under the following captains as shown below.

D R Jardine (P16, W10, L5, D1, percentage of games won/games played 62.50%), M J Brearley (31-18-4-9-58.6%), W G Grace (13-7-2-4-53.85%), A B F Chapman (17-9-6-2-52.94%), P B H May (41-20-10-11-48.78), R Illingworth (31-12- 5-14-38.71%).

Of those who were captain in fewer than 10 Test matches, D B Close is most successful, the team winning six of their seven games.

I have not included the records of J H W T Douglas or P F Warner in the above table. Their teams have a higher percentage of wins than Illingworth's teams, but in both cases lost more games than they won.

It is as well to remember that these are only bald statistics. No account is taken of the strength of opposition or the number of quality players at the disposal of each of the above captains, to name but two of many factors. - David Rimmer, Hertford Heath


Is it mere coincidence that football's World Cup, European Championship and European Cup were all founded by Frenchmen? - Christophe Meaume, Montauban, France

Q. With Frank Clark becoming Manchester City's fifth manager of the season, has any club had more managers at this stage of the season - 25 matches played - or indeed in a full season? - Adrian Brodkin, London N2

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