That was the weekend that was

Scarborough not fair, so Orient say
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On a day such as Saturday you would have expected most clubs - fans and officials alike - to take postponement in good grace. After all, virtually everyone suffered the same fate.

Not so Leyton Orient, from whom the Football Association will be receiving a complaint this morning after Scarborough's understandable reluctance to embark on an arduous journey in treacherous conditions caused the Third Division match at Brisbane Road to be called off despite a playable pitch.

Nor the Crewe supporters who bombarded Five Live's Six-O-Six programme with angry calls after the tie at Southampton became a belated non-starter. The fact that neither the toilets at The Dell, nor - rather more importantly - the fire hoses, would function because of frozen pipes seemed to be regarded as a lame excuse.

Orient accused Scarborough of "not trying anywhere near hard enough to make this game" even though police advice to the Yorkshire club was that travelling to a football match did not constitute a necessary journey. "The coach driver told us he could not even get out of the car park," Scarborough's assistant manager Phil Chambers said.

Mind you, tricky roads notwithstanding, the four wise men who make up the pools panel - Gordon Banks, Roger Hunt, Tony Green and Ronnie Simpson - still managed to reach a Manchester hotel.