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WHAT message would you send to the world with your dying breath? The convicted killer William Davis had plenty of time to think while he waited on death row in Huntsville, Texas. On Wednesday, his moment finally came. And what did he have to say? A few words of mumbled contrition? An apology to the family of the man he killed for just $712? No. Just before the lethal injection took effect, Davis said, "And I'd like to say in closing: what about those Dallas Cowboys!" And with that, he was gone.

HERE'S something you don't see every day - time trials for ferrets. For the event, at the Midland Country Sports Fair, contestants will be inserted into a pipe and encouraged to have a crack at the 10m world record of 12.59 sec.

AND FINALLY... So who was Man of the Match when Leeman Athletic beat Trebor Bassett 38-0 in the York Sunday Afternoon League? Top scorer Rocky Depa for his 16 goals? No, it was Mark Blades, who let in all the goals. At some point, apparently, he made a save.