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Eric Bonneval

For France v Scotland

March 1987

Wow, what a good question... It has to be 's hat-trick for France against Scotland, in Paris in 1987. Bonneval (below) was unbelievable in this game, he scored these great tries and it was incredible. It was amazing because he was a young player with not many caps and he was in a different class. He was on the wing, and I remember him for this because that was my position, and everything he touched turned to gold. I was a young player just starting out in the French Third Division. I thought `wow, this guy is incredible'. I think because I played on the wing his performance stood out. It was memorable because of the way he scored the tries, running past opponents, catching the ball from high kicks, everything you could want from a winger. Three or four years later when I started playing for the national team I thought about this, and how I wanted to score great tries, run past opponents and do it all on this big stage. It was great to see and it impressed me a great deal.

Philippe Saint-Andre, now 37, won 69 caps for France on the wing from 1990-1997.