The Independent Sports Quiz of '95

Italo Cerullo and Matt Tench pose the questions from another puzzling year
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1 Why were England still in with a chance facing the final ball of the match against Australia A when needing 31 to win?

2 What is the next number in the sequence: 4, 4, 0, 4, 4... and why?

3 For whom was 49 a suitably Super number?

4 For whom were the numbers 200 and 20.25 significant?

5 For whom was 4 the last instalment of 8,900?

6 Who scored a masterful 70, 67, 69, 68 and why was his win tinged with sadness?

7 Complete the sequence:

16-13, 16-16, 16-19, 19-19, 19-22, 22-22...

8 Which record-breaking match saw the winners score 21 tries and 20 conversions. What was the score and who scored six tries?

9 Which colonial enterprise took 85 seconds to sink without trace?

10 For whom was 45 feet not far enough?

11 In which sport did women hit 250?

12 For whom were 17.98, 18.16 and 18.29 very special numbers?

13 For whom were 185, 492 and 645 very special numbers?

14 Whose debut resulted in 7 for 43 at Lord's?

15 For whom was 112 a Silva lining?


16 For whom was pounds 150,000 an unduly taxing figure?

17 Which sports body showed distinct political incorrectness in turning down sponsorship worth pounds 10m, and why?

18 For whom was pounds 425,500 not worth it?

19 Which teenagers were worth pounds 2.5m and pounds 2m?

20 Who paid whom $100m to dress grunge, not to shave and wear ear-rings?


How did the following find themselves in the spotlight in 1995?

21 Matthew Simmons

22 Derek Ringer

23 Mark Johnston-Allen

24 Caroline Hall

25 Murphy Jensen


Match the following to the locality of their court appearances

26 Dennis Wise

27 Eric Cantona

28 Peter Graf

29 Duncan Ferguson

30 Ray Parlour

Hong Kong, Croydon, Edinburgh, Mannheim, Horseferry Road.


31 At which unlikely venue did DeFreitas, as twelfth man, help his side to victory this summer?

32 How did Brighton make it into Europe?

33 In which sport did a Canadian beat a Monegasque at Eastbourne?

34 Stockholm was the venue as Norway beat Germany to lift the World Cup. In which sport?

35 In which race did London and Manchester beat Birmingham, Sheffield and Bradford?


41 What linked Alec Stewart's finger, Darren Gough's foot and Shaun Udal's thumb?

42 Why did Serie A players swap shirts before their matches started on 12 February?

43 Which three countries did England play on the same weekend last summer?

44 How did Milan's Marco Simone dazzle yet still fail to impress in the European Cup final against Ajax?

45 Who pinched and slapped Wimbledon umpire Bruno Rebeuh?

46 Which "super team" was unveiled in Paris and included Vialli, Weah, Cantona, Rai and captained by Maradona?

47 Name the left-arm wrist spinner whose "frog in a blender" action has caused England problems.

48 Who deserted the Prancing Horse for the knitted sweater?

49 Why won't Nigel Mansell be setting new motorsport records with his new team?

50 Why didn't Peter Schmeichel need to use his hands against Rotor Volgograd?


51 Who returned to Rio?

52 For whom did the wheels finally stop turning after 43 years?

53 The last British man to succeed at a British sporting institution died this year. Who?

54 Which two Grand National winners went to the great stud farm in the sky?

55 Which bowler took the final Test wickets of Graham Gooch and Mike Gatting in the same innings?


56 Which jockey and trainer double act completed the first Champion Hurdle and Gold Cup success for 45 years, and with which horses?

57 The Ryder Cup saw two holes-in-one. Who by?

58 Why was Paul Tait's goal at Wembley historic?

59 Which colt shot to victory in the Ascot Gold Cup?

60 In what sport were Indians beaten by Braves?


61 "It did not matter whether Eric Cantona or Mickey Mouse kicked him, he should not have reacted."

Which manager and of which club, said this of his player, Charlie Hartfield?

62 "Do it for your coach, Pete!"

Which Pete? Who is his coach? Why did it need doing?

63 "We came here with a short-term ambition which failed. I don't think we have made any progress at all."

Who made this bleak assessment?

64 Who said "I'm just going home to Llandudno", and after which famous victory?

65 Who did Mickey Duff call "scum"?

66 "They probably think I'm on drugs or something."

Who said this?

67 Who called Francois Pienaar "average" and why did he come to regret it?

68 "Come on, we'll take you all on!"

Who said this when?

69 "The Gazza free-kick in the FA Cup semi-final was bad enough. This was worse."

Who was reflecting on what?

70 "All the match I was unlucky. Most of the time, he hit a lucky shot." Which ungracious loser was talking in early July?


Put names to the faces which have been blanked out during famous sporting events of 1995


1 Because they only needed 3 runs to qualify for the World Series final - they failed to get them.

2 6. The runs scored by Phil DeFreitas off Craig McDermott in an over in England's fourth test win over Australia at Adelaide.

3 San Francisco 49ers. They beat San Diego Chargers 49-26 in the Super Bowl.

4 Linford Christie, who set a new world indoor 200 metres record of 20.25sec in France.

5 Graham Gooch, who made four runs in his final Test innings

6 Ben Crenshaw to win the US Masters. His coach Harvey Penick had died a few days earlier.

7 25-22. Rob Andrew's drop goal completing the sequence of his penalty duel with Michael Lynagh in the World Cup quarter-final.

8 New Zealand versus Japan. 145-17; Marc Ellis.

9 The Australian yacht oneAustralia which sank in the America's Cup

10 Costantino Rocca, whose long-range putt in the Open did not save him from a play-off defeat by John Daly.

11 Cricket - the 250th anniversary of the womens' game.

12 Jonathan Edwards (his world triple jump records).

13 Michael Atherton who scored 185 runs from 492 balls in 645 minutes in England's second Test against South Africa.

14 Dominic Cork.

15 Aravinda de Silva, who scored those runs as Kent lost the Benson & Hedges Cup.


16 Peter Shilton who left his job as Plymouth manager in January after being unable to pay the tax on his signing-on fee.

17 The Womens' Tennis Association. The proposed sponsor was Tampax tampons.

18 George Graham. He described the money as an unsolicited gift from agent Rune Hauge, but was still banned for a year

19 John Hartson (Luton to Arsenal) and Mark Kennedy (Millwall to Liverpool) who joined new clubs for huge fees

20 Nike paid Andre Agassi (10-year clothing contract).


21 As Cantona's kung fu victim.

22 He was Colin McCrae's co-driver as he won the world rallying championship

23 Beat Stephen Hendry in the first round of the Bournemouth Internatonal Open.

24 Wimbledon ball-girl struck by ball hit by Tim Henman

25 Went missing from Wimbledon to go fishing


26 Horseferry Road Magistrates' Court 27 Croydon Magistrates' Court

28 Mannheim

29 Edinburgh Court of Session

30 Hong Kong


31 At Wembley, when substitute Fabian DeFreitas scored twice in Bolton's 4-3 win against Reading in the play-offs.

32 The Goldstone Ground hosted an Intertoto Cup game.

33 Tennis - Greg Rusedski for Britain in the Davis Cup.

34 Women's fooball.

35 The location for the new national stadium.


36 Lennox Lewis, having just floored Tommy Morrison in October.

37 Eric Cantona, celebrating a scoring return after serving his ban.

38 Arnold Palmer during his last ever round at the Open.

39 Richard Illingworth (left) and 40 Mike Watkinson after their last wicket partnership saved England from defeat in the fifth Test at Trent Bridge.


41 Each was broken to end their Ashes tour.

42 Teams had taken the field wearing their opponents' shirts in a show of unity following the murder of a Genoa fan.

43 Australia (rugby), West Indies (cricket), Brazil (football).

44 He wore white boots.

45 Benedicte Tarango.

46 The International Professional Footballers' Association, with Maradona as president.

47 18-year-old South African Paul Adams.

48 Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger who left Ferrari for Benetton.

49 He is now a special constable with Devon and Cornwall police.

50 He scored with a header.


51 Romario, who left Barcelona to join Flamengo.

52 Lotus who pulled out of Formula One racing after a prolonged struggle.

53 Fred Perry.

54 Red Rum (who was the winner in 1973, 1974 and 1977) and Rubstic (the winner in 1979).

55 Craig McDermott.


56 Norman Williamson and Kim Bailey who won with Alderbrook and Master Oats.

57 Costantino Rocca and Howard Clark.

58 The goal - for Birmingham City against Carlisle United in the Auto Windscreens Shield - made the game the first Wembley final to be decided by a sudden-death extra-time goal.

59 Double Trigger.

60 Baseball. The Atlanta Braves beat the Cleveland Indians in the World Series.


61 Dave Bassett, erstwhile manager of Sheffield United.

62 Pete Sampras responded to the crowd to beat Jim Courier from two set to love down in the Australian Open while his coach Tim Gullikson was suffering from a brain tumour.

63 Michael Atherton of the Ashes tour.

64 Neville Southall, just after Everton had beaten Manchester United in the FA Cup final.

65 Chris Eubank.

66 Jonathan Edwards.

67 Mike Catt before England's rugby international against South Africa at Twickenham. England lost 14-24.

68 Paul Ince (allegedly) to the Selhurst Park crowd, after Cantona's kung fu attack on a Crystal Palace fan.

69 David Seaman on Nayim's long-distance lob that won the Cup-Winners' Cup final.

70 Goran Ivanisevic, after losing the Wimbledon final to Pete Sampras.