The Sweeper: Power-crazed world of David Elleray

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Sign Of The Times

From The Sweeper's autograph collection from the late 1970s and early '80s. Who are they?

WHILE THE other team in their city was conquering Europe, this formidable pair were in charge across the river. One of the pair was a former Celtic player who managed this club three times. The other man went on to take charge of his national side.

Answers next week. Last week: Ipswich Town's John Wark and Russell Osman.

Just Imagine...

...what excuse Alan Shearer can make next time he's penalised in a match.

n "My club has asked me not to comment on this matter and as an employee of my club I have to respect that."

n "Ruud Gullit told me it was sexy football."

n "You mean kicking and elbowing in the face aren't allowed?"

n "Do you know who I am?"

For next week, The Sweeper invites suggestions on what Kevin Davies' first words were when he returned to Southampton from Blackburn. Addresses as above.