The Sweeper: Sign Of The Times

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From The Sweeper's autograph collection from the late 1970s and early 80s. Who are they?

THIS LUPINE pair both went on to be administrative big cheeses in their organisations.

Answers next week. Congratulations to Mary Ramruttun of Wiltshire, who was the first of many last week to identify Man City's Steve Daley and Tommy Hutchison. The prize, as usual, is entry to the season's-end draw (open to all published contributors) for a priceless double-volume 1,500- page, original copy of England's 2006 World Cup bid prospectus.

Just Imagine...

... who would drive David Beckham to work (the next time he is banned but the penalty isn't subsequently rescinded).

Dennis Wise in a taxi.

Posh in a Spice Wagon.

Diego Simeone, around the bend, into a petulant fit.

Thanks to David Pardo and Gordon Winder. For next time, The Sweeper invites you to imagine New Year's resolutions for a player of your choice. Addresses as above.