The verbals: sports quotes of 1994

`How does it feel to be living in hell?'
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I tell you it is not possible, even in people who are having treatment. She would be like a gorilla. Dr John Studd, gynaecologist and hormone expert at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, on the testosterone levels found in Diane Modahl after her po sitivedrugs test at the Commonwealth Games.

Any woman with 40 times normal testosterone levels would very quickly become virilised. She would be hairy with a large Adam's apple and enlarged clitoris, and her periods would cease. Prof Charles Rodeck, head of gynaecology at University College, London.

It's like being told Pavarotti has been using someone else's voice. Vicente Modahl, husband and coach to Diane.

If Diane was 40 times over the limit she'd have a deep voice and we'd all call her Barry White. John Regis, British sprinter.

It's like having a cup of Lemsip. Dr Malcolm Brown, British athletics team's medical officer, on the herbal pills taken by Solomon Wariso, who tested positive before the European Championships.

We will soon have to start getting our cornflakes analysed. Linford Christie, British team captain.

I thought: `If everyone else can take it, why can't I? If they can do it and get away with it, then let's have a go.' Everyone still speaks to me because I admitted what I did and I'm still serving my punishment. I am an honest banned athlete. Neal Brun n ing, the shot putter turned judoka, on his testosterone abuse.

If it did anything to improve my performance, I'm a monkey. Colin Mackenzie, javelin thrower, on failing a drug test after taking a painkiller.

If you tested 90 per cent of the general public, they would fail - from hayfever remedies, Night nurse and stuff like that. Sally Gunnell, British women's team captain.

I cannot believe the winner's time. That's a man's time. This is the sort of time that some men are doing at our national championships. Karen Pickering, British swimmer after finishing joint last in the 100m freestyle at the world championships in Rome in which China's Le Jingyi set a new world record of 54.01sec.

When European or American athletes do well that is OK. People are just jealous. Le Jingyi.

How does it feel to be living in hell, to be alive and dead? Danny Harris, Olympic 400m silver medallist, on his period as a cocaine addict.

Staying sober all year was like winning a major. John Daly, golfer, who gave up drinking in 1993 after being treated for alcohol abuse.

I had the misfortune of being too good in 1988. If I had finished second or third in Seoul nothing would have happened. If I had been American, covered with medals, the affair would have been covered up. But nobody cares about a Canadian of Jamaican origin. Ben Johnson on his 1988 Olympic disqualification.