The verbals: sports quotes of 1994

`I feel I should have torn the ear off'
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For an 18-month suspension I feel I probably should have torn it off Then at least I could say `Look, I've returned to South Africa with a guy's ear.' Johan le Roux, South African prop, banned for biting Sean Fitzpatrick, the All Black captain.

He's given enough in his time. He has to be able to take it and he can't have any complaints. John Joyner, Castleford coach, on Wigan's Kelvin Skerrett, who sustained a double fracture of his jaw in the Stones Premiership final.

On the most charitable view, Fashanu was utterly reckless. The ball seems to have been incidental to his concerns. Nigel Baker QC, counsel for John O'Neill, who sued John Fashanu for a tackle that ended his career.

I don't worry about punching and kicking. That's part of the game. Brian Thomas, Neath's director of rugby, after a violent game against the South Africans.

I came here for a fight, to give people value for money and they have their own tear-up. I don't want that - go down the boozer if you want to have a fight. Nigel Benn on the fighting which marred his WBC title bout against Juan Carlos Gimenez at the NEC.

The kind who started all this mindless trouble are scum and low-life. I'd like to lock them all in a small room and let them kill each other. Frank Warren, promoter, on the NEC fracas.

It's a bloody joke. We will end up with four players left on the pitch at this rate. The game is supposed to be about contact, for Christ's sake. Alan Birchenall, former player, over the PA during Leicester v Coventry after two first-half dismissals.

When he butted me, I thought `That's nice, I'll sit down here and have the match, thank you'. Anthony Hill, squash player, after being head-butted by Mir Zaman Gul at the British Open.

I love it when you tackle someone and you can hear their teeth rattle. Frances Gifford, women's rugby player.

Compiled by Chris Maume