The verbals: sports quotes of 1994

`What's she going to do? Cry again?'
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Mary is like a finely tuned sports car. I built the Ferrari and now I want the keys back. I will never rest easy until Daddy's little girl comes home. Jim Pierce, controversial father of Mary.

My dad would slap me after I lost a match, or even if I had a bad practice. Mary Pierce.

I am good at climbing fences. Jim Pierce, after he was banned from attending Wimbledon.

I'm completely against what Venus is doing. I think it's insane. Richard Williams, father of the 14-year-old, who turned professional this year.

I think this is her claim to fame. I'm her famous black trophy. She wants everybody to know she put Mike Tyson in jail. Tyson on Judge Patricia Gifford, who presided over his rape trial.

Chubby-cheeked and bloated, wearing far too much make-up and in an ill-fitting costume, she looks like a London housewife attending the wedding of one of her children. Jean Christophe Papillon, of Le Figaro, on Jayne Torvill at the Winter Olympics.

It's not only macaroni, pizza and the Mafia. We have many talents in Italy. Manuela Di Centa, women's 10km cross-country silver medallist, asked why the Italians do so well in the event.

I'll tell her I'm really sorry. Maybe I'll give her a hug - if she'll let me. Tonya Harding, American ice skater, on Nancy Kerrigan, who was allegedly assaulted by an associate of Harding's.

What's she going to do? Cry again? Kerrigan, Olympic silver medallist, on the reaction of the winner, Oksana Baiul, before the medal ceremony.

This is so corny, this is so dumb. I hate it. This is the most corny thing I've ever done. Kerrigan, in a Disney World parade next to a Mickey Mouse character.

I'm not an addict to drugs, but you could say I'm an addict to my own pain. Or I was. I had this sarcasm about everything. My spirit was just, like, dark. But I know I don't want to leave tennis the way I did, crying and crawling away. Jennifer Capriati on the personal problems that kept her out of tennis.

There aren't probably too many people who have the same name as an Olympic city. Lillie Hammer, Norwegian housewife.

I think the applause was that much longer because they know it's my last year. They'd get pretty pissed off if I came back next year Martina Navratilova on the emotional acclaim from the Centre Court crowd as she walked out for her first match at her final Wimbledon.

It's not easy going to a restaurant in Paris and explaining you don't want to eat an animal. Navratilova, a vegetarian, at the Paris Open.

We beat the All Blacks through the pack, not the Jessicas in the backs. Micky Skinner, rugby union TV match analyser, after England's defeat to Ireland.

Don't let's make the Grand National a race for poofters and girls. Ginger McCain, former trainer of Red Rum.

Are you ladies enjoying your food? LA waitress to Brooke Shields and Andre Agassi.