The verbals: sports quotes of 1994

`The poet of speed is dead'
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There are no small accidents on this circuit. Ayrton Senna, before the San Marino Grand Prix, during which he suffered a fatal crash.

One of my best friends has been killed on the curve where I escaped death. I was lucky; he wasn't. It's like having a cheque book. You start pulling out the pages until one day no pages are left. He was the one driver so perfect nobody thought anything could happen to him. Gerhard Berger, Formula 1 driver, on Ayrton Senna.

It was at the bottom of our hearts to dedicate this victory to our great friend, Ayrton Senna. He was also heading for his fourth title. Claudio Taffarel, Brazil's goalkeeper, following victory in the World Cup final.

There will never be another Senna. The poet of speed is dead. El Diario, Bolivian sports newspaper.

Senna was the greatest driver ever and when someone like him is killed you have to ask yourself what is the point of it all. Nikki Lauda.

When I saw him crash and realised there was no way he was going to be able to continue the race, I cheered with joy. I thought: `He'll be home earlier tonight'. Adrienne Galisteu, Senna's girlfriend.