The Week in Review

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No peace for the wicked. Angered by the continued dearth of opportunities for non-whites, the South African National Olympic Sports Committee calls for a resumption of the sports boycott. The impending rugby union tour of England by Naas Botha and his born-again ruckers is briefly in doubt when the ANC withdraws its support, then reluctantly backtracks. Will Peter Hain join the promised demos?

A reminder of another form of apartheid from Sydney, where Australia's aboriginals offer assistance to other nations bidding to stage the 2000 Olympics, this just a few days after one of their brethren, Mal Meninga, leads Australia to victory over Great Britain in the rugby league World Cup final at Wembley.

In the land of the Braves and the not-so free, Atlanta get burned as a bunch of Jamaicans, Dominicans and Minnesotans help the Toronto Blue Jays become the first 'Canadian' team to win baseball's World Series.