The Week in Review

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SHOULD THEY stay or should they go? Liverpool respond to their worst season since 1963 by retaining manager Graeme Souness while Chelsea survive with ease but still bid adieu to David Webb, whose goal won them their only FA Cup. Nottingham Forest show no more sentiment towards one of their old boys, asking Frank Clark to fill Brian Clough's seven-league boots.

Lennox Lewis tries on the WBC heavyweight crown and finds it fits in the ring, too. Not that Tony Tucker, a pug nearing his sell-by date, threatens to turn Las Vegas into Lost Wages for Canada's gift to British boxing.

Aggro of a more civilised kind as Border disputes mar the Australians' demolition of the counties. After apologising for being violent to defenceless stumps at Lord's, the tourists' captain has a public row with Craig McDermott, then refuses an interview by likening the British media to a phallic symbol. What will Mr Grumpy do when he is losing?

Next week's Texaco Trophy may give us a clue. Then again, what with the home selectors balancing the untried - Lathwell, Thorpe, Caddick and Cork - with the unsung - Pringle and Illingworth - while omitting the uninhibited - Gower, Botham - perhaps not.