The week in review: Sport

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GRAHAM TAYLOR, manager of the England football team, seems to prefer being regarded as an undersized Philistine rather than an oversized turnip. For the Wembley game against the Netherlands on 28 April he ignores Chris Waddle and his 62 caps (in the interests of continuity), but calls up Teddy Sheringham for the first time. The Dutch are amazed and amused.

Brinkmanship a-go-go in the Caribbean. Knowing the bereft home board could scarcely scrap the mother of all Test series, the Pakistan cricket team threaten to go home in a huff after four of their number - including captain Wasim Akram - are accused of 'constructive possession' of marijuana in Grenada. Charges are dropped, apologies demanded but never received. The show, happily, goes on.