The Week in Review: Sport

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NOT quite every man has his price: the Brentford manager, David Webb, resigns after the Football League Appeals Commission, in its infinite wisdom, decrees that the club had been overly harsh in firing Micky Bennett for the trifling offence of fracturing the jaw of a team-mate, Joe Allon.

Whether the authorities will prove quite so forgiving over the latest reported Tottenham tattle remains to be seen. World In Action alleges financial irregularities - non-redeemable loans and sundry other sweeteners - though these are dismissed as 'old news' by the club chairman, Alan Sugar.

Better news from a White Hart Lane old boy, Paul Gascoigne, who marks his latest comeback for Lazio against Juventus, making the first two goals, scoring the last himself and overshadowing Roberto Baggio, the European Footballer of the Year-elect. Gazza, so it seems, has not run out of gas.

Some guys, on the other hand, have none of the luck. The Kent fast bowler, Alan Igglesden, jealously guarding his one-cap wonder status, breaks down in the Algarve as England tune up for the Caribbean. In South Africa, meanwhile, another perennially unfortunate man of pace, Martin Bicknell, suffers a recurrence of an old injury on the junior A tour. Even more worrying is Derbyshire's bottom line for 1992-93 - a record pounds 120,000 in the red.

The All Blacks see red, too, sacking their tour manager and a selector before issuing a reprimand to the coach Laurie Mains. Not for losing at Twickenham, nor for implicitly condoning the kind of mucky rucking that almost cost Phil de Glanville an eye, but for fielding a player who happened to be in England on business. Do we take it Jamie Joseph and his cronies were here for pleasure?