The writing's on the maul

What the England players said in their columns about the victory over France
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"We played in bursts, and when we play like that no team in the world can live with us."

Will Carling, Mail on Sunday

"This may sound ironic coming from me, since I have been very critical in the past of France and their over-vigorous approach. And I seem to have picked up some flak after my comment that to play France was like playing 15 Eric Cantonas - brilliant, but brutal. But I felt that at times France lost the balance in the other direction."

Brian Moore, Sunday Times

"We knew we would dominate the French up front, but what was especially satisfying was also to have dominated the loose and to have outclassed Pierre Berbizier's team in the backs."

Tony Underwood, Independent

"We beat them at their own game and took another step en route to the dynamic style envisaged by Jack Rowell."

Ben Clarke, Sunday Telegraph

"What turned the match was the collective decision of the four players who form the spine of this side - Brian Moore, Dean Richards, Will Carling and myself . . .We needed that know-how to change the game-plan with which we had started the match. I do not think it was only one of us who realised it; there was a general awareness that we had to switch tactics."

Rob Andrew, Times

"Now the rest of world rugby will have to take us seriously."

Jason Leonard, News of World

"We know what can happen when you start believing in your own publicity. The pressure is on us to win in Cardiff but more than one England team have gone there and had the formbook thrown back in their face."

Tim Rodber, Mail

"I just about saw Jerry Guscott's try. I was getting up from the bottom of the pile which had produced the ball for him, and there he was, touching down."

Victor Ubogu, Observer

"All the England players wanted to be on my table at the after-match banquet at the London Hilton. They knew there was going to be some heavy celebrating - and they were right."

Jeremy Guscott, Express