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15 Conor O'Shea (London Irish and Ireland): Gavin Hastings on speed. A buccaneering full-back to die for.

14 Justin Bishop (London Irish and Ireland): Quicker than most, more confident than any and bristling with aggression.

13 Rob Henderson (Wasps and Ireland): A tank on legs. Nothing false or cosmetic, apart from his day-glo hair.

12 Brendan Venter (London Irish and South Africa): The complete inside centre: completely committed, completely professional.

11 Niall Woods (London Irish and Ireland): Great finishing, terrific goal-kicking. The Irish are mad not to pick him.

10 Steve Bachop (London Irish and New Zealand): Monster talent. Better conductor than Solti and enough vision to fill a Bible.

9 Kyran Bracken (Saracens and England): Operating on all four cylinders. The best scrum-half in Europe on current estimates.

1 Trevor Woodman (Gloucester and English): A new kid on the Kingsholm block, but putting his powder-puff clubmates to shame.

2 Federico Mendez (Northampton and Argentina): Hated Bath, loves Franklins Gardens. A happy Freddy is one dangerous customer.

3 Paul Wallace (Saracens and Ireland): Quick, intelligent, highly skilled. Can this be a prop forward we're talking about?

4 Martin Johnson (Leicester and England): Back on song. More dependable than a best mate, more threatening than a worst enemy.

5 Malcolm O'Kelly (London Irish and Ireland): A genuine new-age lock: more Michael Jordan than Bill Beaumont. Pure class.

6 Lawrence Dallaglio (Wasps and England): On the boil or off it, the warrior king remains an inspiration. A born leader.

7 Duane Monkley (West Hartlepool and New Zealand A): The "Mooloo Man" flies in, the no-hopers start fronting up. A coincidence?

8 Pat Lam (Northampton and Western Samoa): Need a winning try in the last minute? Give it to Pat, he'll see you home. Brilliant.