'This surpasses everything'

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n I never doubted that one day Frank would be champion. He has been trying for this moment for 16 years and deserves every bit of it. I'm so proud of him. Laura Bruno on her world champion husband.

n I've had some great fight nights but this surpasses everything. It was the best show I've been involved with. Frank Warren, who sees big pay days ahead.

n With Lennox Lewis waiting in the wings and Mike Tyson back, the heavyweights are on a roll. And Britain is in the driving seat. John Morris, general secretary of the British Board of Control, pleased to have good news to talk about.

n Forget Mike Tyson for a while. This was Frank Bruno's hour. And no man deserves it more. Don King eyeing a Tyson v Bruno rematch.

n He's a much more mature fighter now. Before, he didn't hold when he was hurt. He had too much pride. George Francis, the veteran trainer, on Bruno's newly-found survival instinct.

n We made a substantial profit from Frank's win. This time the punters deserted Frank and poured cash on McCall. William Hill spokesman. Bookmakers estimate that more than pounds 1m was gambled on the outcome.

n I want to thank Laura for putting up with me and my dream for all those years. She never lost faith. Frank Bruno on his wife, who was at ringside with his daughter, Nicola.