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1 BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Yearbook 1998, edited by Peter Nichols, (Oddball Publishing, paperback, pounds 13.00)

2 The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics 1998, David Wallechinsky (Aurum Press, paperback, pounds 12.99)

3 Manchester The Greatest City, Gary James (Polar Publishing, hardback, pounds 24.95)

4 If The Reds Should Play.... In Rome Or Mandalay, edited by Barney Chilton (Juma, paperback, pounds 7.99)

5 Elliott's Golf Form 1998, Keith Elliott (Portway Press, paperback, pounds 18.95)

6 Inside Out - Rugby League Under Scrutiny, Roy Masters (Ironbark (Augt), paperback, pounds 13.50)

7 All Madden - `Hey, I'm talking Pro Football !', John Madden and Dave Anderson (Harper (US), paperback, pounds 5.50)

8 A Lot Of Hard Yakka, Simon Hughes (Headline, hardback, pounds 16.99)

9 Football Hooligans - Knowing the Score, Gary Armstrong (Berg, paperback, pounds 14.99)

10 The Dark Side of the Game - My Life in NFL, Tim Green, (Warner (US), paperback, pounds 5.95)

L:ist compiled by Sportspages Bookshops: 94-96 Charing Cross Road, London (0171 240 9604) and St Ann's Square, Manchester (0161 832 8530)