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1 Left Foot in the Grave? A View from the Bottom of the Football League, Garry Nelson (Collins Willow, hardback, pounds 14.99)

2 Official NFL 1997 Record and Fact Book, National Football League (Workman, paperback, pounds 14.99)

3 Dicks Out 2 - You're Not Singing Anymore, Rob Merrills (Red Card Publishing, paperback, pounds 9.99)

4 Survival of The Fattest 3 - An Alternative Review of the '96-'97 Season, edited by David Jenkins and Judi Holly (Red Card Publishing, paperback, pounds 9.99)

5 Racing Post Jumpers to Follow 1997/98, edited by Nicholas Godfrey (Racing Post, paperback, pounds 7.99)

6 Four-Iron in the Soul, Lawrance Donegan (Viking, hardback, pounds 15.99)

7 Rothmans Rugby Union Yearbook 1997/98, edited by Mick Cleary and John Griffiths (Headline, paperback, pounds 16.99)

8 Marcus - the Autobiography of Marcus Allen, Marcus Allen and Carlton Stowers (St Martins Press (US), hardback, pounds 21.50)

9 More than 90 Minutes - Two Extraordinary Years in the Life of a Football Club, Stewart Weir and Paul Hayward (More than 90 Minutes, paperback, pounds 21.95)

10 New Zealand Rugby Greats (3 Volumes in 1), Bob Howitt (Hodder Moa Beckett (NZ), hardback, pounds 24.95)

Chart compiled by Sportspages, 94-96 Charing Cross Road, London (0171 240 9604) and St Ann's Square, Manchester (0161 832 8530)