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1 Rothmans Football Yearbook 1997/98, edited by Glenda Rollin (Headline, paperback, pounds 17.99)

2 Survival of the Fattest 3 - An Alternative View of the 96-97 Season, edited by David Jenkins and Judi Holly (Red Card Publishing, paperback, pounds 9.99)

3 A Will to Win - The Manager's Diary, Alex Ferguson and David Meek (Andre Deutsch, hardback, pounds 14.99)

4 Shane Warne - My Own Story, Shane Warne (Bookman, paperback, pounds 9.99)

5 The 1997/98 Official PFA Footballers Factfile, edited by Barry Hugman (Queen Anne Press, paperback, pounds 12.99)

6 The Sporting News Pro Football Guide, edited by Craig Carter and Dave Sloan (The Sporting News (US), paperback, pounds 13.95)

7 Dream On - A Year in the Life of a Premier League Club, Alex Flynn and H Davidson (Pocket Books, paperback, pounds 6.99)

8 News of the World Football Annual 1997/98, edited by Albert Sewell (Invincible Press, paperback, pounds 4.99)

9 Capital Punishment - London's Violent Football Following, Dougie and Eddy Brimson (Headline, paperback, pounds 6.99)

10 We Are Wolves - Wolverhampton Wanderers -The Fans' Story, edited by Charles Ross (Juma, paperback, pounds 9.95)

Chart compiled by Sportspages, 94-96 Charing Cross Road, London (0171 240 9604) and St Ann's Square, Manchester (0161 832 8530)