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1 Dark Trade - Lost in Boxing, Donald McRae (Mainstream; hardback, pounds 14.99).

2 Dream on - A Year in the Life of a Premier League Club, Alex Fynn and H Davidson (Simon & Schuster; hardback, pounds 14.99).

3 The Complete Handbook of Pro Basketball 1996, edited by Zander Hollander (Signet USA; paperback, pounds 5.95).

4 The Non-Year Football Yearbook 1996/97, edited by Kerry Miller and James Wright (Paper Plane; paperback, pounds 15.99).

5 British Boxing Board of Control Yearbook 1997, edited by Barry Hugman (Lennard/Queen Anne Press; paperback, pounds 14.99).

6 The NHL Official Guide and Record Book 1996/97, (National Hockey League; paperback, pounds 15.95).

7 Hell-Bent - The Crazy Truth about the 'Win or Else' Dallas Cowboys, Skip Bayless (Collins US; hardback, pounds 19.95).

8 War Minus the Shooting - A Journey Through South Asia during Cricket's World Cup, Mike Marqusee (Heinemann; paperback, pounds 12.99).

9 All Quiet on the Hooligan Front - Eight Years that Shook Football, Colin Ward (Mainstream; hardback, pounds 12.99).

10 Do that Again Son and I'll break your legs - Football's Hard Men, Phil Thompson (Virgin; paperback, pounds 7.99).

Chart compiled by Sportspages, 94-96 Charing Cross Road, London (0171- 240 9604) and St Ann's Square, Manchester (0161- 832 8530)