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1 The New Lords of the Rings, Andrew Jennings (Pocket Books; paperback, pounds 6.99)

2 The Complete Book of the Olympics, David Wallechinsky (Arum Press; paperback, pounds 12.95)

3 A Good Walk Spoiled, John Feinstein (Warner Books; paperback, pounds 8.99)

4 Premier Football Review '96, edited by David Kennedy and Vic Millward (Sports Projects; paperback, pounds 10.95)

5 Beyond a Boundary, CLR James (Serpent's Tail; paperback, pounds 8.99)

6 Bad As I Wanna Be, Dennis Rodman with Tim Keown (Delacorte Press US; hardback, pounds 19.95)

7 The Art of Swimming, Steven Shaw and Armand D'Angour (Ashgrove; paperback, pounds 9.99)

8 Football Grounds of Britain, Simon Inglis (Collins Willow; paperback, pounds 14.99)

9 Atlanta '96 - The Official British Olympic Team Handbook, edited by Peter Nichols (Wyeth Publishing; paperback, pounds 11.99)

10 Little Girls in Pretty Boxes - The making and breaking of elite gymnasts and figure skaters, Joan Ryan (Women's Press; paperback, pounds 8.99)

Chart compiled by Sportspages, 94-96 Charing Cross Road, London (0171 240 9604) and St Ann's Square, Manchester (0161 832 8530)