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1 Rothmans Football Yearbook 1998-99, edited by Glenda Rollin (Headline, paperback, pounds 17.99)

2 News of the World Football Annual 1998-99, edited by Eric Brown (Invincible Press, paperback, pounds 5.99)

3 Kick Off - The Official Premier League Fans Guide 1998/99, edited by Mike Ivey (Sidan Press, paperback, pounds 5.99)

4 Playfair Football Annual 1998-99, edited by Glenda Rollin (Headline, paperback, pounds 4.99)

5 Left Foot in the Grave, by Garry Nelson (Collins Willow, paperback, pounds 6.99)

6 Spread Betting, by Andrew Burke (Rowton Press, paperback, pounds 8.95)

7 O Almanaque Do Futebol Brasileiro 97/98, Marco Aurelio Klein (Escala, paperback, pounds 22.99)

8 Playfair Football Who's Who 1999, edited Jack Rollin, (Headline, paperback, pounds 6.99)

9 I'm a Little Special - A Muhammad Ali Reader, edited by Gerald Early, (Yellow Jersey Press, hardback, pounds 16.99)

10 The Rugby League Challenge Cup - An Illustrated History, by Les Hoole (Breedon Books, hardback, pounds 14.99)

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