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1 Rothmans Football Yearbook 1999/2000, edited by Glenda Rollin and Jack Rollin (Headline, paperback, pounds 18.99)

2 News of the World Football Annual 1999-2000, edited by Eric Brown (Invincible Press, paperback pounds 5.99)

3 Rothmans Rugby Union Yearbook 1999-2000, edited by Mick Clearly and John Griffiths (Headline, paperback, pounds 18.99)

4 Managing My Life - My Autobiography, Alex Ferguson with Hugh McIlvanney (Hodder and Stoughton, hardback, pounds 18.99)

5 Addicted, Tony Adams with Ian Ridley (Collins Willow, paperback, pounds 6.99)

6 What's the Story? Boring Glory, Mark Jacob (Queen Anne Press, paperback, pounds 8.99)

7 Mick Doohan: Thunder from Down Under, Mat Oxley (Haynes, hardback, pounds 14.99)

8 The Homes of Football, Stuart Clarke (Little Brown, paperback, pounds 14.99)

9 The Miracle of Castel di Sangro, Joe McGinniss (Little Brown, hardback, pounds 17.99)

10 Inside the All Blacks, Robin McConnell ( Collins Willow, paperback, pounds 7.99)

List compiled by Sportspages Bookshops, 94-96 Charing Cross Road, London, 0171 240 9604 & St Ann's Square, Manchester, 0161 832 8530;