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Twenty-five years of dynamite behind the steering wheel

Few racing machines could be more different than the Tyrrell in which Jackie Stewart dominated the 1971 British GP at Silverstone (top) and Ken Tyrrell's cars that race there this weekend, such has been the pace of technological development in the last 25 years.

Stewart had 450bhp at his disposal in the Tyrrell 003, which had an aluminium monocoque chassis with sides that bulged to accommodate its hefty fuel load. The 024 car (above) that Mika Salo will drive this weekend is five times stronger than the 003 thanks to the slimline carbon-fibre chassis, which locates all the fuel in a single tank behind the driver. Its Yamaha V10 engine produces 675bhp and runs 6,000rpm faster than Stewart's Ford Cosworth V8.

The 003's round snub nose has given way to a high snout with an underslung wing, while the side pods (which house the radiators), the rear wing and the special rear-end diffuser help the 024 to generate at least 500 per cent more aerodynamic downforce than the 003 and three times its cornering force.

Statistics behind the speed

Tyrrell 003 (1971) Tyrrell 024 (1996)

Engine capacity 3,000cc 3,000cc

Revs 10,000rpm 16,000rpm

Power 450bhp 675bhp

Top speed 190mph 200mph

Gearbox 5-speed 6-speed

Weight 566kg 550kg

Chassis sheet aluminium carbon fibre

Fuel capacity 186 litres 115 litres

Brakes Steel discs Carbon fibre discs