Tyson has `eliminated errors'

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Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion, says he has learned from his mistakes against Evander Holyfield and expects to win their rematch later this month.

"I predict a sensational victory," Tyson said from his Las Vegas training camp on Thursday, when asked his expecations for the World Boxing Association heavyweight title fight on 28 June.

Tyson said that by reviewing video tapes of only his second defeat in 47 professional fights, he would be able to correct errors he made against Holyfield last November.

"I saw a lot of mistakes, like not moving my head, that I don't believe I will make the second fight." Tyson said. "I'm in a lot better condition than I was back then, too."

Holyfield had surprised everybody with his willingness to go head-to- head with Tyson, who was believed to be the much harder puncher. Instead, Holyfield got the better of the exchanges until referee Mitch Halpern stopped the contest 37 seconds into the 11th round.

"I never dreamed that he could fight that well and I know now not to underestimate anybody," Tyson admitted.

"Everything is going well, and we are basically working on my balance, my speed and my combinations. We have worked on some of my old tactics. I feel good about the whole thing."