Underhand down under

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Q. Three Chappell brothers played cricket for Australia, Ian, Greg and Trevor. When was and which two were involved in the notorious underarm last ball of a match against New Zealand?

A. In the Benson and Hedges World Series Cup 1980-81, Australia played New Zealand in the final. New Zealand won the first game, Australia the second.

In the third, on 1 February 1981, at Melbourne, New Zealand, with eight wickets down, needed six runs off the last ball of the match to tie.

Greg Chappell, the captain of Australia, instructed the bowler, his brother Trevor, to bowl underarm to the New Zealand No 10 batsman, Brian McKechnie, thereby making the scoring of six runs, to all intents and purposes, impossible. McKechnie blocked the ball and threw down his bat in disgust. Australia had won. At a price.

Clive W Porter, Maidstone


Q. In 1996, Coventry City paid pounds 1m for a Belgian international, Regis Genaux. After making only four appearances, the player is even banished from the first team squad. Is there a worse example of a foreign signing in English football?

Niall Lovejoy,

Shenley Brookend

Q. Besides Dennis Bergkamp, are there or have there been any other famous sporting aerophobics?

Adrian Brodkin, London N2

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