Baseball fan catches ball in the crowd whilst wearing GoPro camera, video goes viral

Video has racked up over 700,000 views on YouTube

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Ever wondered what it would like to be that person who catches the ball in the crowd?

It seems that whenever the ball leaves the playing arena and heads towards the fans, whether it be cricket or baseball - football or tennis, it always seems to go to someone else.

But thanks to a GoPro wearing fan at a recent baseball match, what it's like to see the ball come directly towards you - and successfully catch it - can be enjoyed by everyone.

Micah Graves was wearing the high tech camera on his head whilst watching minor league side Biloxi Shuckers' first home game at the MGM park in Biloxi, Mississippi when a strike came right for him...


That Micah caught the ball one handed just made the footage all the more awesome.