New York Mets to hold fedora night, 15,000 gentlesirs set to attend

15,000 fans will be wearing fedoras at the Brewers game

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The fedora is going mainstream.

Initially the hat of choice for basement dwellers before being appropriated by YouTube trolls trying to pass themselves off as them, it is now set to leave the internet and go IRL, with the New York Mets upcoming clash with the Milwaukee Brewers to get a  fedora theme.

The first 15,000 fans through the gates will receive Mets-branded fedoras, though as one user noted on Reddit: "That's a Trilby m'kind gentlesir."

Giving away free things to the first 15,000 people is a time-honoured tradition for the baseball team, though normally it sticks to T-shirts, beach towels and sunglasses.

The Mets also have a 'Bark At The Park' night planned at their Citi Field stadium, where people are encouraged to enjoy a ballgame with their dogs.