Drake ruined what could have been one of the best sports pictures ever between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James

The rapper gets in the way at All-Star weekend

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Megastar Drake ruined what had the potential to be one of the great sports pictures on Sunday night.

The scene saw legendary NBA star Kobe Bryant playing in his final All-Star game - his 18th, tying the record. 

Bryant, whose numerous injuries have seen him turn into a shell of his former self in the last three seasons, now plays on an irrelevant and awful Los Angeles Lakers team, who are again heading for the bottom of the standings.

Although the game is an exhibition, with the best players in the world all playing in Toronto this was really the last time Bryant, a five-time champion and one of the best ever, would truly stand shoulder to shoulder with today's other greats.

The picture sees Bryant come up against LeBron James. Bryant was the league's top draw for almost a decade before James truly entered his prime. 

In the image Bryant is all business, trying to prove one last time that his eroded skills haven't completely deserted him.

James, having just slapped the floor to pump up the crowd, has a beaming smile on his face as he prepares to defend.

It's perfect.


Drake ruining other sporting images (SB Nation)

Until Drake stands up with his custom made jacket dedicated to Bryant and gets right in the way. 

James posted the caption: "Legendary!! Getting this framed for the crib."

Hopefully he can airbrush Drake out.

US sports website SB Nation produced numerous other images of Drake ruining great sporting pictures.