Gareth Bale takes the NBA Half Court challenge... and nails three out of five shots

Real Madrid superstar shows he is not just good with a ball at his feet

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Real Madrid and Wales star Gareth Bale has proved that he is not just an exceptional talent with the ball at his feet.

The winger, the world's most expensive player, might be having a bit of a tough time in Spain lately, but he proved over the weekend that he has still got it on the pitch with two goals against Israel.

Now the Welshman has taken to the basketball court to take part in the Half Court challenge, where he gets five attempts to find the bottom of the net.

Other footballers like Eden Hazard, Tim Howard and David Luiz have all taken the challenge, but none before have ever scored more than one out of five.

That all changed with Bale, however, the Welshman clearly putting in the hours in the gym to nail three out of his five shots.

A clearly delighted Bale also named his NBA dream team of footballers and revealed he got into the sport while on holiday in Miami.

"My NBA starting five would be obviously me… Peter Crouch for a nice bit of height in the team, Luka Modrić for the playmaker, Yaya Touré for the lungs of the team for the back and forth and Brad Friedel," he said. "Brad's got the safe hands, he's American, knows the game and he can control everything."Bale.jpg

Bale added: "I just got into basketball by watching it on TV and I think one summer I was in Miami on holiday and they were playing in the Finals and just from then I have been really intrigued by it and enjoy watching it. Just kind of from there I have supported the Heat and obviously LeBron James being there before was a big reason in that.

"My favorite player is probably LeBron James. I think anyone who watches basketball knows he is the best player at the moment. He literally can do everything on the court and he’s always exciting to watch."