Memphis Grizzlies players buy new car for team intern Brandon who had his stolen

Players club together to help out Team Personnel assistant Brandon

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The Memphis Grizzlies are clearly full of Christmas spirit.

Not only are they, somewhat surprisingly, holders of the second best record in the NBA with a quarter of the season gone, but they know how to make their staff happy.

Last night, the players revealed on social media that they had chipped in to buy a new car for an intern named Brandon after he had recently had his car stolen.

Brandon, who works as a Team Personnel assistant, was suitably shocked and delighted, getting hugs from the likes of Vince Carter, Mike Conley and Courtney Lee.

Lee, who filmed Brandon's reaction, posted to Instagram: "Good start to today, Brandon 1 of our team assistants car was stolen not to long ago so as a team we all donated a little something to make his Christmas special."